Sunday, April 11, 2010

just a post

its been a while since i posted anything here....

haven't been feeling too inspired lately, work, work and work, its a good thing i suppose with so many people not having jobs and the economy in the shitter, but i need to get back here and keep doing what i was doing a while ago.
i enjoy it, and it makes me feel better when i write, but sometime the process of sitting here at my desk, music in the background, the rain tapping on the window and my coffee by my side some how are all coming together to bring me here again, to this blog, getting stuff that locked up in my brain and out into words. Distractions might be - what should i be doing? - which is nothing in particular, my mom and i had been on a roll with spring gardening, but two weeks ago i had to help my sister move, that took up pretty much all day, the the next Sunday my friend Pete and i went to a show at The Knockout and were treated to some incredible riffing by the Seattle avant metal band Lesbian - who absolutely crushed my brain - cant beat those 5 dollar shows - other local bands prog rockers Grayceon also played but we didn't stick around for them, seen them a bunch and we wanted to get home at a reasonable hour. Also appearing was a band that i had heard of but had never seen was Hazards Cure - crushing doomed out down tuned blackened metal - a real unexpected listen.
I am not about to make this blog a music/show review, its just randomness, sometimes you get a story of my wacky past, sometimes you will get a a post a bout my displeasure's with society, oh and i did post up some music - which you should (all 35 of you that have viewed this blog) DL - it can be found at the end of the 'Madison Days revisited pt1' posting
So here i sit, telling you about my boring life - well its not that boring - i go to shows, i hang out with friends and we have fun, and maybe i should take more pictures as proof - well you can see the gardening pics of me and my mom - over on my facebook page - not sure yet if I've posted links to there on the Rouge Libels page yet - i do know that you can get here from there, but not there from here - yeah that makes a lot of sense - NOT
OK, I'm going to finish this cup and get a fresh one - and lets see what comes up....
perhaps and old tale of misspent youth, or perhaps a little anecdote about life, lost love and the dreaded horrors of the downward spiral of the mundane life of a machine operator in a print shop
We'll see...